Victim’s Assistance Division

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Among the reasons Eaton originally ran for Prosecutor was because he realized the office was not appropriately respecting victims’ rights. During his campaign, he promised to add a position with the sole purpose of addressing the needs of victims. He delivered on his promise.

Prosecutor Eaton acquired grant funding for the position of Victim’s Assistance Coordinator. It became part of the office in spring 2015, just months after he took office.

He understands the hardships victims face when a crime is committed against them. He knows the criminal justice system can be confusing and seem complicated, and it is not something crime victims should have to navigate alone.

For this reason, he created the position of Victim’s Assistance Coordinator, which serves as the central contact for crime victims to receive help with restitution, counseling and housing. The coordinator aids the Prosecutor’s office in effectively prosecuting crimes against women, increasing enforcement against sex crimes and domestic violence. It protects Hancock County’s most vulnerable victims.

With the Victim’s Assistance Coordinator in place, Eaton’s Prosecutor’s office successfully prosecuted Hancock County’s first rape conviction in nearly 10 years. This position also helped crime victims collect more than $200,000 in restitution.

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Successfully assisting victims of crime takes community leadership, and since 2015, Prosecutor Eaton has recognized one individual each year with the Victims Champion Award. Recipients of this prestigious award include Kelly Buzan, Nicole Gilbert and Bridget Foy.

Kelly Buzan, Victims’ Advocate, Alternatives Incorporated, receives the 2015 Victims Champion Award from the Prosecutor’s office.

Nicole Gilbert, Detective in Zoey Wagoner murder, Greenfield Police Department, receives the 2016 Victims Champion Award from Prosecutor Brent Eaton.

Bridget Foy, Investigator in Shannon Kitchens murder, Hancock County Sheriff’s Department and Advocate for crimes against children, receives the 2017 Victims Champion Award from Prosecutor Brent Eaton.