Fiscal Responsibility

Fiscal Responsibility2018-01-27T21:51:14+00:00

Prosecutor Eaton promised to eliminate the prosecutor’s supplemental pay, and he delivered on that promise. He cut his own salary.

    • Eliminated the $5,000 supplemental pay from his own salary and $5,000 from the chief deputy prosecutor’s salary. This saves $10,000 per year of money that now goes back to county taxpayers.
      • Saves $40,000 over the course of Prosecutor Eaton’s term, 2015-2018.
    • Negotiated a blood draw agreement with the Greenfield Fire Department that saves an estimated $25,000 annually.
      • Saves approximately $100,000 during Prosecutor Eaton’s term, 2015-2018.
      • Click here to read more about the blood draw agreement.
    • Combined with other measurers, these actions save Hancock County taxpayers more than $100,000 over Prosecutor Eaton’s term.