On January 1, 2015, as the fourth prosecutor in four election cycles, Brent Eaton walked into an office that had suffered from years of neglect and mismanagement.  The Hancock County Prosecutor’s Office was facing a budget deficit of nearly $100,000 and it didn’t have basic office equipment.

As a busy father with four school-age children, Eaton understands the value of a dollar.  Seven years of running a private business taught Eaton what it takes to tighten a budget and run an office efficiently. He believes that the office should reflect the fiscal values of the people it represents.  Eaton was born and raised in Hancock County and has brought common sense fiscal conservative values to the Prosecutor’s office. He believes in eliminating waste and inefficient spending and in making the office work for the people.

Prosecutor Eaton and Chief Deputy Prosecutor Marie Castetter have eliminated the supplemental pay, provided by the county, from their positions. This change has eliminated a combined total of $40,000 over 4 years that goes from the pockets of the Prosecutor and Chief Deputy back to the hard working people of the community.

In addition, Eaton recognized that the County’s method of collecting blood evidence from OWI arrests was outdated, inefficient and oppressively expensive. In 2014, the Prosecutor’s Office spent nearly $50,000 to collect blood draw evidence to enforce Operating While Intoxicated laws. Eaton partnered with the Greenfield Fire Department to modernize the evidence collection for these cases, and as a result, has cut the costs of collecting this evidence by more than 60%. This will result in more than $100,000 in savings to taxpayers over four years.

These are just a few examples of the common sense fiscal conservative leadership Eaton has brought to the office over the last three years.  He is always looking for ways to make things work more efficiently and with greater value.  With your support he looks forward to continuing to make the office work in a more fiscally efficient manner in the future.