Prosecutor Eaton has fought hard to combat drug abuse with aggressive enforcement of narcotics laws and active engagement with treatment resources. His leadership has resulted in a full time prosecutor dedicated to narcotics crimes. That has resulted in the convictions of dozens of drug dealers. He is also member of the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA), Opioid Crisis Working Group, and in 2017 was the only prosecutor in Indiana to be named to the group. The NDAA is a resource for law enforcement around the nation, offering assistance in the ongoing opioid crisis.

He is currently a member of the Hancock County Mental Health Substance Abuse working group that works together with law enforcement, corrections officers, substance abuse professionals, mental health professionals, the 911 center and other community leaders. The group strives to make the community safer by using resources to effectively prevent repeat offenders.

Eaton’s office partners with professionals in the community and substance abuse field to provide substance abuse education. Eaton holds addicts accountable and provides the tools needed to achieve sobriety, believing when an addict achieves sobriety it’s good for public safety.