Eaton’s record includes a 100 percent conviction rate for murders, with four convictions, totaling more than 200 years in prison. Under his leadership, the prosecutor’s office has handled 8000 criminal cases, 10,000 infractions, issued more than 500 search warrants and handled more than 400 juvenile cases.

In addition, Eaton has kept a strong focus on crime victims. He acquired funding for a Victims’ Assistance Coordinator which helped victims collect more than $660,000 in restitution. Eaton said the Victim’s Advocate, has been instrumental in providing services and support to crime victims.

Eaton’s office successfully prosecuted Hancock County’s first rape conviction in nearly 10 years. He established the Sexual Assault Response Team to establish a formal framework of medical professionals, law enforcement and victim services to ensure the investigation of sexual assault cases is consistent with best practices, and that victims are treated with courtesy, dignity and respect.

“This joint effort with our area partners will stop our sexual assault victims from being automatically being transported to other counties for exams,” said Eaton.

As a result of a stop grant Eaton acquired, the Prosecutor’s office now has a full-time Prosecutor dedicated to domestic violence and sexual assault cases. Having someone give these cases the attention they deserve provides an immense amount of support to the victims.