Crimes against Women and Children

Crimes against Women and Children2018-01-27T20:44:15+00:00

Prosecutor Eaton recognized that, for years, the office had failed to protect the rights and interests of victims of sex crimes and domestic abuse.  It had been nearly ten years since there had been a rape conviction in the county. To remedy this public safety crisis, Prosecutor Eaton created a position to target all types of domestic violence and sex crimes. He acquired a grant for a full-time prosecutor to give these victims the time their cases deserved.

READ: Hancock County’s first Rape Conviction in Nearly 10 Years. November 2017.

Prosecutor Eaton recognized the need to help these victims and has worked with the hospital and local law enforcement to ensure the cases are handled appropriately.

Protecting children is a high priority for Eaton. The office meets monthly with Department of Child Services to ensure that all cases of endangered children receive the attention they deserve. Eaton also works with local schools to ensure there’s a system in place that will prosecute parents that refuse to provide for the educational needs of their children.

Also, Prosecutor Eaton implemented a multi-disciplinary team approach to crimes against children, bringing together Law Enforcement, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Department of Child Services to properly investigate these cases. This is a valuable step on the way to his long-term goal of a child advocacy center in Hancock County, which Eaton expects to become a reality by the end of 2019.