Drug Abuse and Addiction

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Increase in drug dealing cases filed since Eaton took office
Drug dealing cases filed in 2017
Increase in controlled substance dealing cases filed since Eaton took office

Substance abuse is gripping Indiana, and Prosecutor Eaton is effectively implementing a strategy to aggressively pursue drug dealers. As Prosecutor, and within the existing budget, Eaton created the Drug Prosecutor position, which targets felony drug crimes. As a result of this position, cooperation with law enforcement on drug cases has improved. The prosecutor’s office now partners with law enforcement to target drug crimes. Drug prosecutions are up more than 400 percent.

The drug problem requires a multi-layer response. In addition to targeting and prosecuting drug dealers, Eaton works to hold addicts accountable while trying to provide the tools needed to achieve sobriety. When an addict achieves sobriety, it is good for public safety. Eaton works in the Drug Court program, the Heroin Protocol program and with the County to contract with substance abuse facilities, so drug addicts have resources available when serving their sentences. More information about this program can be found in the video below.

Under Eaton’s leadership, the Prosecutor’s Office has teamed up with Neighborhoods Against Substance Abuse (NASA) and Overdose Lifeline to bring a strong educational message into Hancock County’s schools. These presentations have been ongoing since 2015, when Prosecutor Eaton took office. The video below describes the presentations offered to Hancock County schools.

In 2017, Eaton became the only prosecutor in Indiana to earn a place with the National District Attorneys Association (NDAA)Opioid Crises Working Group. The NDAA is “The Voice of America’s Prosecutors,” established in 1950 to resolve critical issues at the national level. In the intervening years, it has grown to become a key resource for law enforcement around the nation and regularly meets with the Department of Justice, members of Congress and other national associations